Episode 12 - Grown-ish

This week, we're diving into Grown-ish, Freeform's spinoff of Black-ish. Its a long one, but a good one. Does anyone working on this show know what college is like? Are we getting more Tracie Ellis Ross? And that direct address, oh man (side note - we find our preferred narration style, and it may be controversial. Don't @ us.) Winning Personalities That Walk Into a Night Class Count: 6.

Episode 5 - Famous In Love, Season 1

This week, Ariel takes a bullet for Dana and recaps the entirety of Famous In Love's first season, to Dana's shock and horror. From grabbing people's balls in a crowded restaurant to the insane plot of this "Biggest Series Since Harry Potter" movie, we go through each painful moment of this series so you don't have to! Girl Who Walks Into a High School Count: NONE because they're not in high school, which should've been the first warning sign.

Episode 4 - Twisted

Its Tuesday but we're still launching our first ever Failure Fridays with "Twisted." "Twisted" has everything you need for a great mystery show - unreliable narrators, child murderers, and a dreamboat named Avan Jogia as our lead Rebel Without a Cause. What went wrong? OH SO MANY THINGS. Girl Who Walks Into a High School Count: 2 + 1 Extremely Broody Young Man.

Episode 1 - Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf

Welcome to the first episode of Girl Walks Into a High School! For our inaugural episode, Ariel and Dana share their two favorite shows right now: Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf. Ari doesn't understand A's grammatical choices, and Dana thinks that Scott's coach needs to settle down. A treaty is made over the magic that is Stiles. Girl Who Walks Into a High School Count: lots.